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It is very important for a lamp or fixture to be in proper working  order, so we offer a full-service repair shop that can take care of all your repair needs, from simply replacing a cord or socket to giving the lamp an entire new look & style.  We offer prompt & affordable service and, when possible, do repairs while you wait.


We can show you a number of ways that we can change the look of your lamp, like mounting it on a clear base for a modern look or adding richness with a gilded base in gold, silver or copper.  We can change the height of the lamp or even replace the socket.


We love building personal keepsakes into lamps or fixtures that have a special meaning for you. We can help you see it with a new purpose and enjoy it again!


**We recommend that if you have any lamp or fixture that you find at an estate sale, auction or flea market to have the wiring inspected to avoid personal injury or risk of a fire hazard.

 We are glad to offer this service at no cost.**



"Simply Fixed"

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"Simply Fixed"

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